The Case of the Disappearing Dutchmen.

Inevitably in life we all sometimes hit roadblocks.

Things that make us stop and either change course or turn around and go back the way we came. And the more we throw our selves out there the more we are likely to hit these events.

As an Entrepreneur I hit these more often than most, but sometimes they simply blow you clean out the water.

Over the last month, I’ve be stuck by this two times.

The first, when the funding business partner from my company simply dropped off the radar. This came as both a surprise and a huge pain. The surprise is that we where only a month away from getting some money in. The pain is that he was supposed to be paying my wages before he disappeared meaning that I’m now a month behind with my rent during an already tight time as we are supposed to be moving later this month.

The second case of a disappearing Dutchman is our Landlord, He came down a few days ago to discuss the power bill, during which he claimed that we owed €200+ in G/W/E over what we’ve already paid (which struck me as strange as I design and build hyper-eco-friendly electronics for a living! and all our light bulbs are <25W), so after running the numbers myself and finding that in fact it is he that owes us nearly €200 for G/W/E that we’ve overpaid, I tried to get in touch with him only to find that just like my business partner his phone seems to be cut off and he isn’t answering either of his e-mail addresses!

So either someone is killing off anyone I do business with or Dutchmen don’t like it when you ask them for money and think that disappearing is the solution.

Should I warn my remaining business partners to be careful and lookout for would-be assassins?


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