20somethings & incubators

So I recently filled out my 20somethings profile.

It’s strange talking about myself in that way. Trying to present an fair and accurate picture while not wanting to come across as braging.

The core things that I hope came across in the interview I’m going to repeat here, because I was fairly nervous and I think they might have gotten lost in the translation of thought to word.


Life thus far hasn’t been very easy, I’ve never been fond of comparing myself to anyone, but looking as objectively as possible at some of my friends lives and my own makes me feel like I got a fairly rough deal.

But I’m fighting for what I believe in and I think I’m slowly starting to win.

I’ve not said much on here about my job yet, partly because I don’t feel like I deserve it, and partly because I’m paranoid that someone will try to take it away from me.

You see I’m holding the somewhat difficult position of CTO / Head of R&D at a “seed-stage-startup”. With that title come 10 hour work days (only 8 of which I get paid for – when I get paid at all) 6 days a week, a whole lot of work that you couldn’t put in a job description if you tried, the stress of knowing that if the business fails it’s probably my fault and feeling constantly under qualified despite knowing that I am as qualified as is possible for such a role.

//It’s not a position to be envied.//

The truth is, I love what I do for a living now. I get to work on cool things and design stuff that’s going to change the world. This life that I’ve been fighting for is finally starting to take shape. I just have to keep hold of it.

Currently there is one thing that stands in my way of clinging onto this life that, regardless of all my complaints, is actually pretty awesome, is funding. To finance my R&D I need around €200k investment for the year, and when you couple that with the fact that I’m really the only one who can currently explain what it is that I’m developing without straying into technical stuff, means that I have to both set-up and attend any and all investment meetings. //Which more than doubles my workload.//

So if you know anyone who might like to invest in some pretty awesome stuff, then it’d really mean a lot to me if you would put them in touch.

For those who are interested here is my minute pitch, in the spirit of “The most important minute of your life”.


My name is Tim, I lead a team that develops technology that is going to change the world.

It’s a tall claim, so allow me to back that up.

I’m not here to sell you shit and I don’t care whether or not you believe in climate change.Because in reality it doesn’t matter whether or not you ‘Believe in climate change and our effect on it’ at all. Believe or not,  you simply have to accept that it would certainly be nice to reduce our emissions, if for nothing else then to reduce the bill

What I design, make and implement does exactly that. I make stuff that you need, you might not no it yet but you do.

The stuff I design and develop reduces costs by increasing efficacy of computing equipment, not by inventing new ‘high technology’, but simply by redesigning the stuff we already have to be more efficient.

So that’s what I do, I help you to save the world, a little bit at a time.

Want to know more? Get in touch.”

I hope that doesn’t come across as being “full of myself”, that’s not my intent. I just really believe in what I do, if I didn’t I wouldn’t do it.

We have however recently secured an incubation offer, so we wont be disappearing any time soon, but we are still desperately in need of funding. The incubators guarantee that we have office & lab space, internet access and stuff like that, but they don’t pay our wages and wont cover development costs, so that’s where any investment is being spent.

Also, I got nominated for the Liebster award, so I’ll run a post about that shortly.

Sorry if this one is a bit of a long post today…

Speak soon,



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