“Nee, ik spreek geen Engels.”

This happens all to often…

I come across someone with whom I need to converse and so I politely ask “Pardon mevrouw/meneer, Spreekt u Engels?” //Translates to: “Excuse me, ma’am/mister, Do you speak English?”// to which the answer is usually either “Een beetje”//Translates to: “A little”//, “natuurlijk” //Translates to: “Of course”// or “Nay” //Translates to: “No”//, followed by a persistence to continue to speak to me in Dutch despite my having just indicated that I’d like to speak in English (mostly because I can’t understand a word they are saying in Dutch).

So I try to follow what they are saying, trying to get them to speak English at every opportunity and if then still persist that they don’t speak English and I really do need to talk to them, then I call up one of my Dutch friends and ask them to translate.

However it’s usually only when we reach the very end of a very laboured conversation that the truth is revealed; Actually they do speak English and as it happens almost certainly enough to have had a much shorter easier conversation.

It’s annoying, I appreciate that it is their country and they have a right to speak their language here. But seriously that’s no reason to make my life difficult.

Thankfully there are of course exceptions, some people jump at the chance to practise their English and a few begrudgingly realise that I simply have no clue what they are saying in Dutch and switch to English.

Anyways, enough bitching! It’s time for a news update:

Presently my projects are mostly all moving forward, though I can imagine some investment might be required soon.

We are considering selling up to 5% of the total non-voting shares to increase the development budget if you know anyone who might want to buy them, then please get in touch, and I’ll forward your details to my business partner who handles that side of things.

Speak Soon,


PS. Programming 10hrs a day for 3 days straight makes one of my eyes twitchy – it tickles.

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