Weeks without blogging.

Weeks Without

Recently I’ve been very sporadic with blog posts and its not for a lack of material to blog about, I have material coming out my ears at the moment, it has, in sorrowful fact, been simply that I have had so much to do lately that I have been averaging 4.7 hours of sleep a night over the last week.

Lately I’ve been starting work on the business and products that I’m creating with my good friend Dew, I’ve also been helping my husband register his business and even dealing with the IND on a near daily basis (spoke to the EU commissioners office to help kick some IND ass for messing us about). Just about everything lately has been a constant drain on my system, at points I felt like curling into a ball and crying. But I fight on.

Yesterday my husband and I even opened a second blog, dedicated to healthy living (as if I wasn’t already struggling to keep onto of the workload). //Did you know coffee was a laxative in large doses? I found out recently.//

To be honest, I actually enjoy being busy – it’s exciting! I guess what I really want is an extra 4 hours in a day. Life recently has been full of pressure and deadlines (mostly self-imposed but the origin of a deadline doesn’t matter) and I don’t think I could be happier, every day feels like I’m really making progress.

I wish I had more time each day to dedicate to projects that the world needs me to drive forward. My poor Philanthropy is Advertising Project has taken a back seat while I’m raising funds to employ someone to get it started, someone with the same drive as I have to make a difference. //Now accepting cv’s for that by the way, though can’t promise more than minimum wage, with a start date of somewhere around late September 2013 to early January 2014.//

So fear not! The regular blogging service will be resumed as soon as life becomes more regular and if that doesn’t happen, I will at least make more effort to hit my regular release targets for the blog.

Speak soon,
//I like soup… and rabbits – they are fluffy and cute… oh and It’s been snowing a lot lately.//

2 Responses to “Weeks without blogging.”
  1. Invader_Stu says:

    I know how you feel. Sometimes it’s a race to fit everything in.

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