Moving Forward.

Some times when faced with adversity, moving forward seems like the last thing you can do. When things get tough as humans are usually more inclined to run and hide, moving backwards rather than forwards. And the worst thing about that feeling is that it’s usually just before you are about to succeed.

Moving Forward

So far in my life, I am ashamed to say, that I have probably run away from my troubles more times than I’ve stud up and faced them. And on some levels you could consider my moving abroad to start a new life with my husband as just that; Simply running away from my problems in the UK.

I didn’t blog yesterday because I was feeling sorry for myself, the world felt like it was piling on top of me and becoming too much to bear. I was on the cusp of rage quitting of bombing out of life in the same way I have done countless times before. I went to bed feeling dissatisfied with life and pissed off with the choices I’d made when I was younger, choices that undoubtedly led to this situation.

Yet as so frequently happens, a good nights sleep and a good cup of tea in the morning //Thank you euroshopper // brings a fresh perspective to the situation, one that is so clear and obvious that you slap yourself for not seeing it before. Without those bad choices in my teenage life, I probably wouldn’t already be happily married and working on an amazing project. I’d probably have just finished a fairly standard degree program, and started working as a researcher at some university somewhere.

So all my “Bad” decisions so far have been opportunities in disguise. But this time I can’t run away when things get tough, I’ve got to power through and fight, to fight for what’s mine. I’ve got a responsibility to stand by my husband and fulfill the promises I made when we got married. There is no turning back and hiding any more and that is why I am going to be successful, that is why I’m going to succeed, not for Money or Fame but for Love.

We’ve got to keep moving forward otherwise life isn’t worth living, running away may have opened doors when I was younger but now I’ve got to walk through them and be the best that I can be.

Thank the universe for the person who invented tea! It’s pretty insightful stuff!

Speak soon,


One Response to “Moving Forward.”
  1. Lavinia says:

    Running away is bad, I did it many times and I will probably do it some more. But most of the times, running away can become moving forward, it depends on where you run and on what you find while running:) Sometimes, our mistakes are not mistakes. Sometimes they are lessons:)

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