Better left unsaid.

Better Left Unsaid

It’s funny how so much in life is better left unsaid.

Sometimes in-order to protect the ones we love, sometimes to protect ourselves, but always with the best intentions.

Conversely there are things that we must say, regardless of the pain it may cause, either to the recipient or to you it doesn’t matter who it hurts, sometimes these sacrifices must be made.

But how do we know which to do? Quite often we have less than half a second to think, as a result we (that is to say any individual belonging to the human race) frequently make the wrong decisions.

But what of these decisions, what effects to they really have? In the sort term they seem like the biggest thing. We can let them hurt us and control us or we can let them empower us but it is always a choice. Sometimes it seems like we have little option but to go with the flow, yet if we are honest, most of these situations are predictable and with little effort can be avoided or even taken advantage of.

So why is it that we don’t do this more often? Why does the human race let circumstance control life rather than taking our lives and moulding it to our will? I’m not talking about fate… well maybe I am I guess it depends on your definition, but I’m definitely not talking about metaphysics (I’m not saying that metaphysics is wrong, just that it’s not what I’m talking about).

You see we always have a choice, not because we are able to choose between “option A” or “option B” which is never really a choice, but because we can invent new options if we think ahead.

The number of times in youth that we are told by people who are supposed to guide us to a better life; Teachers, Parents, Grandparents, basically anyone from previous generations, that the method to obtain a good life is to  “go to school, get good grades so that we can get a good job working for a good company”. But they are wrong, not because good grades and a good job aren’t something to aspire to, they are, but because it’s just not ambitious enough.

It’s something that past generations struggle to understand, because they where brought up by the sorely misled Victorian generation that was shaped by the successes of the industrial revolution, and by the post war depression. They where the first, second and third batches of product to be spat out by the “modern” compulsory education system. This system were by humans are treated as products on a manufacturing line and the only thing they have in common with their peers was their year of manufacture.

It was this early form of our ever evolving education system that lead to their in ability to think outside of the box, and so by way of their pre-programming they instruct us in the ways of life. Even now this same process is being carried out almost unchanged since it’s conception and it is my generation and the one after that will pay the price for the flaws in the system.

There are many reasons that this system is flawed and doesn’t have a place in this century, but to get back to my original question, the reason I’m going to discuss is the effect it has on our decision making abilities.

You see this categorisation system that boxes people as products, products that have specific purposes and shouldn’t over step these predetermined categories, has no place in the modern world. It served us well during it’s early years when we needed a large workforce to support the growth in manufacturing, but the situation has changed and the the education system hasn’t.

The result is a generation that struggles to make a decision, procrastinates to the extreme and struggles to foresee how things will unfold and how to prepare for it when it does. We instead become masters of damage control, learning when to leave things unsaid, and when to cause brief pain so as to mitigate further damage.

Some times it’s worth reminding ourselves and our loved ones, that we have a choice. We can create a new path existing ones don’t fit our goals.

The world is yours, this life is yours, the route you take is yours to decide. If you don’t like your current situation change it! Don’t accept no for an answer, don’t get beaten down, and never give up. It’s your life live it your way.

Let’s start living Life Out Of The Box together.

And maybe, just maybe, we should think about redesigning the education system.

Speak Soon,


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