Words to Rise Above

“Remember that many people will try to put up reasons and obstacles as to why you should not do this and those reasons are their own fears accepting their own inability to pursue their own dreams. Please recognize that you and only you know what is right for you. Your accomplishments and your mistakes are wonderfully all yours.”

The statement above written originally by a family member of the couple that started LifeOutOfTheBox, is something I feel deeply connected too, as it’s so very perfectly in line with the way I live my life.

You see, I’ve never been “normal”, for a start I’m a homosexual but that’s not the most eccentric thing about me (which is probably why my family had an easier time accepting that than some of my other “decisions”).

You see people make up these rules, these silly little rules, to prevent themselves from ever leaving their comfort zones.

The most common of these is this:

Step 1: You go to school to get a good diploma,

Step2:  So that you can get into a good college or university, So that you can get a good degree

Step 3: And then get a good job (working for someone who probably doesn’t have a degree, but hey; “that’s how it works”),

Step 4: So that eventually you can get a good house and a good wife and have good children who will do the same as you’ve done. ad.infinitum.

Talk about BORING! Sure I did well at school, got a good diploma and went to university, but my path was so much more exciting!

You see, I left school aged 16 and went to a college where I did my diploma in “music technology” and I got a great diploma but instead of continuing in the subject and going to degree level, I put it on a shelf and went to work on a film as a Visual Special Effects Artist (Computer artist who makes the film look good).

I then took a year off to see the world (though at the time I had this crazy idea of trying to move to Australia and live there – it didn’t work out), so I travelled for  a year seeing as much as I could on my highly limited budget and came home to a whole bunch of debt.

But the story didn’t end there, Finally I went to university to study mathematics where I met the love of my life which is where the adventure documented in this blog all started.

My life is the adventure story, I rarely read novels but for ideas about what to do next.

People who follow the norm set out for them by society look at my life and think I’m crazy while subconsciously being insanely jealous.

Other adventurers might think I’m not trying hard enough.

I think I’ve got the balance just right. I happy, in love, I have a roof over my head and food on the table. Everything else is just the gravy that makes it all so much better.

Now all I need is enough money coming in to help other people live as happily as possible and my life will be complete.

Let the adventure begin!

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