The things you forget to ask and the things people forget to tell you.

So yesterday, I went to do the trash. – shocking I know 2 weeks in and still not taken the rubbish out.

And I realised, I have no idea where to take the bags, I’d forgotten to ask the landlord when we moved in and now we’ve been here for 2 week and I don’t want to look like a slob, so what did I do,?  … I put it off. shameful I know.

But today my problem was solved the bin men arrived in a big truck and I watched as the removed something akin to a letterbox for parcels our of the ground and started empting the giant box hidden beneath.

So having now seen where they collect the rubbish, as soon as they’d left the street I grabbed my bags of rubbish and sunk, or at least attempted to be ad inconspicuous as possible, carrying 2 weeks worth of rubbish to where I’d seen the truck loading up.

Only when I got back to my door to see the neighbour looking at me – I mustn’t have been as inconspicuous as I thought I was.

When I reached my door, he said, in his very strong Rotterdam accent “That truck just reminded me, the vehuurer (landlord) had asked me to tell you what to do with the trash when you moved in”…

The things people forget to tell you! I would’ve complained, but I had likewise forgotten to ask.

I wonder what else he forgot to tell me…or what else I forgot to ask…

Speak soon,



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