Looking for a Job…

Okay, so contrary to popular belief looking for a job after you’ve arrived is easy… Getting that job however is hard. Some people just don’t seem to want to fill the role that they are trying to fill.

I recently applied for an internship that by all accounts was possibly one of the best internships going for someone with my skill set. Unfortunately, due to what I assume to be a clerical error on their part, mistaking the words “Linux Kernel developer” for “I’ve never used lin-ou-ex before in my life” (which is what the rejection letter I received seems to suggest), they have decided not to proceed with my application.

Not being one to take no for an answer quite so readily, I’ve resent them my CV in reply to the rejection letter highlighting the areas that state my Linux experience and programming ability, and quoting kernel patches that I’ve personally written. So if, in fact, it is not a clerical error, I will still be jobless for a short while.

Which leads me to todays words of expatriate wisdom:

If you can, try to get a contract before you pack your bags. If you can’t it might be worth considering opening your own company. I think I’ll make premium quality sexual toys for a living… unless someone wants to give me a job that is.

Portfolio and CV at http://timothyarmstrong.wix.com/duxdigital


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