Bastard Sugar???

Okay so aside from the inability to help a small child.

Today went okay, could’ve been better, but it was okay.

I found out about bank accounts, insurance and found a great deal on an internet contract.

But what got me laughing today was discovering “basterdsuiker”, which upon inspection turned out to be caster sugar, but for a moment I was struggling not to laugh aloud.

I’d post a picture but I left my phone at home – Maybe tomorrow I’ll get round to it.

Youtube of the day: Alex Goot – “Lightning”

Expat advice for the day: Don’t try to take out contract without a local bank account, don’t try to get a local bank account without being registered, when calling the “gemeentehuis” to register don’t use a prepay or foreign phone (why? €0.15/min, on hold for 15 mins – you don’t have to be a mathematician) – Solution: get a contract phone??? …oh wait… Okay internet shop at 10AM tomorrow to use the phone booth (should be cheaper – I hope).

Personal note: I like Stamppot with appelflappen(for desert)

Keep calm and carry on and it all works out.

Speak soon,


P.S. Who wants to turn some office space into an artisan space with me in Rotterdam?

Answers and comments welcome!


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